Wednesday, October 5, 2011

180. Saya bukan ulat buku dan juga bukan ulat bulu.

A Survey on the Reading Habits and Interests of Malaysian People
( Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1984 )

74% of Malaysians can read.
Only 28% in every 1000 Malaysians are members of libraries.
58% of the Malaysians in the survey had not read a single book in the last 6 months.
An average Malaysians spends only RM4 on books per month.
27% of Malaysians do not have a single copy of a book at home.

What conclusions can you make about the reading habit of Malaysian people from these statistics?

P/s : I found out these statistics while completing my ISL tasks. At least, I spend more than RM10 on MAGAZINE per month. Haha. :p

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