Tuesday, November 9, 2010

71. Boys Vs Girls.

I found this interesting fact while doing revision for my PTM. Let's read through this research. :)

Loevinger ( 1994 ) says studies of classrooms, kindergarten through graduate school, have shown that teachers tend to :

  • Call on male students more often than female students.
  • Allow more time for male students to respond to questions.
  • Make more eye contact with male students following questions.
  • Recall the names of male students better.
  • Use the names of male students when calling on them.
  • Attribute previous comments by male students in class discussion.
  • Accept call outs from male students, but tell female students to raise their hands if they want their response to be recognized.
  • Interrupt female students before they are done responding.
  • Ask more higher-order or critical thinking questions of male students and coach male students to develop their thoughts by giving them more extended and specific.
  • Provide more specific information to male students on how to complete projects rather than doing it for them.
  • Praise male students who are assertive and vocal, but call female students with such qualities "rude", "agrgressive"or "show off".

 Is it true?

Patut lah saya selalu tak dapat peluang jawab soalan kat depan kelas masa sekolah dulu. Just kidding. lol

Heyyy boys! I feel so jealous towards you allssss. No wonder you allsss always score higher marks than me. :p

The truth is I am so "lemak" to do extra exercises and tutorials. That's why I am so "lembab". Hoho

p/s : paper PTM sungguh menyesakkan dada. tak dapat jawab banyak gila soalan tadi. meratapi nasib. (-_-!)

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